SwagBucks Review & How You Can Earn Gift Cards For Free

Are you looking for a way to make money online or earn gift cards for free? Now days you can easily find ways to make money online, the hard part is finding a good one that actually pays you and is worth the time. That is why I am writing this post for you today, to share with you one of the websites I have found to earn with, and have actually come to trust, called SwagBucks.

Earn Free Gift Cards & PayPal Cash

What is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is a rewards website that gives  you the opportunity to earn gift cards for free or even PayPal cash. You will receive points or “swagbucks” for doing simple tasks, many you may already do anyways, such as searching the web, special offers, watching videos, shopping online, printing and using coupons, completing surveys, playing games, and even listening to music. The best part is, you don’t have to reach a high payout to redeem. You can cash out as little as $5 with select gift cards including Amazon and Wal-Mart among many others.

I have been Swagging for a couple of months now, I wanted to get a good feel for it before I gave my review. I honestly really like this site and love getting rewards for easy tasks. I earn a pretty decent amount on SwagBucks, enough to be worth the time I put into it. However, I know I don’t earn as much as I could. For me, it is better to earn what I can without sitting at the computer spending all day on it, especially since I have so much other work to do online. Actually, most of my earning on SwagBucks is done by running extra tabs in the background while I am working on my other stuff such as this blog and running apps on my tablet. So for those of you who have more time to put into it, you could really earn quite a bit from SwagBucks.

At first my earning with SwagBucks was pretty slow, I was excited that I was getting bucks and my balance was growing, but I wasn’t happy with how little I was earning compared to how much time I was putting into it. However, once I started learning the best and most efficient ways to earn I was rolling in the dough! Okay, not really but I was earning a lot more than I was in the first 2 weeks and putting little to no real time or effort into it. This makes me happy because I am getting gift cards and PayPal cash while working on my blog or housework. Although I know several people that do put more effort into earning with SwagBucks and redeem a lot more than I do, this is the perfect balance for me.

SwagBucks doesn’t cost anything, it is completely free to sign up and most of the tasks don’t require any kind of payment or fees. However, there are special offers that reward a higher  amount of SwagBucks with a purchase of their product.

So how can I earn the most with SwagBucks too?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. I will be putting together an article with everything I have learned so far including tips and resources for earning the most on SwagBucks. I have actually already been working on it and will probably have it posted later on today!

Ready to give SwagBucks a try?

You can visit the website to sign up for SwagBucks and start earning now, it only takes a few seconds to get started and it’s free!
(^This is a referral link, meaning I may get a few SwagBucks myself if you use this link to sign up!)


Have you ever used SwagBucks or other online rewards sites?

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  1. Great post! I do a lot of similar sites. I will have to give Swag Bucks a try!
    Niki Hazeltine recently posted..It’s summer! I’m bored!My Profile

  2. I LOVE Swagbucks! I earn gift cards all the time. I choose that over Paypal to reward myself with places to eat and shop. Great review and everyone should use them.
    Susieqtpies recently posted..Pet Safety Travel TipsMy Profile

  3. I am going to give this a shot. i tired a while back but couldnt get into it! thanks for the tips!
    Jenivieve recently posted..25 Free or Cheap Summer ActivitiesMy Profile

  4. Thanks for this lovely share. I’m definitely gonna try this one out today, and hope it works for me as it did for you.

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