I Have Finally Decided To Make Use of My eBay Account

I have finally decided to start selling on eBay. This is something I have wanted to do for a while now, but I always dreaded the whole shipping hassle so I never gave it a try. However, my grandmother has been an eBay seller for about 10 years now and has been very successful with it. This is pretty much how she makes a living, not to mention the fact that nothing makes her happier than finding a good bargain and turning a profit from it. She is very business oriented and I suppose it runs in the family as I have always been the same way.

My grandmother has tried to convince me to start my own eBay account for years now but like I said, as much as I really wanted to, I really didn’t want to have to deal with the shipping and what not. Lately, I have been helping her with her eBay since it has basically become a full time job for her, and I have realized that it really isn’t as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. She has also agreed to help me with the shipping if I need while I’m getting started.

Even though I had never purchased anything on eBay (yet) or sold anything on eBay (yet), I have had my account for a while now. It is something I have procrastinated on for quite some time. Unfortunately though that means that I have 0 feedback which makes it very hard to sell anything on eBay considering buyers typically look for experienced and trusted sellers. New eBay sellers are also limited to only 10 items per month, making it even harder to get my first sale. I know it would be easier if I would just go ahead and buy a few things off eBay to receive feedback therefor increasing my odds at making a sale, but to be perfectly honest I am completely broke right now. That’s right, this Exhausted Mommy is also a broke ass mommy since my husband has not had much work lately. Perhaps I will get lucky though and somebody will decide to take a leap of faith and buy one of my items. I can only hope…  

Feel free to check out my eBay profile here even though it’s still pretty bare, and you can browse all my listings as well by clicking here.

Anyone have any eBay tips for me as beginner they would like to share?

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  1. Sara Floyd says:

    I’ve been selling for a long time on ebay. Its great! The only suggestion I have for you is to put the Gymboree collection name. That will come up in searches, and it make a big difference. If you don’t know it, there are sites like gymbohaven.com where you can look it up! and I would suggest buying something, even a small thing like a coupon for 99 cents, it still helps your feedback!

  2. My biggest tip to you would be focus on the item title, as that’s how eBay weights the search engine function of its website, and allows you to get your item found. There are tools, such as Terapeak, which can help you create better titles for your listings to increase the chances of a sale. I’ve written a guide to Terapeak, which you might enjoy reading: http://www.inbounddan.com/terapeak-review-how-to-increase-sales-on-ebay/

    Keep up the good work on your blog,


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